Great Art Inspired by Water

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm

College students can tour the Museum in one of three ways:

1.  Guided Tours

    · Available to groups of college and university students of ten or more.

    · Guided tours are always $2 per student and professors are free. 

    · Tours must be scheduled three weeks in advance. 

    · Guided tours are one hour in length, and generally focus on collection highlights, but can be tailored to fit your curriculum when possible. 


*PLEASE NOTE* Guided college tours must be a minimum of one hour in length. 

2.  Self-Guided Group

     · College groups can visit MMAM without a pre-arranged tour.

     · Individual student rate is $2, but groups of 10 or more are $2 per student. Students are always free on Tuesdays (unless it is a guided tour).


3.    Send your students on a class assignment

     · The student admission rate is $3, so if you are assigning a trip to the Museum as part of your curriculum, please make students aware that                 unless they come on a Tuesday, they will be charged a $3 admission fee.

Pencils, boards and stools are available for use anytime.

- Please remind students not to use ink pens or fill out a handout against the wall.

There is NO PHOTOGRAPHY in the Museum, so please do not ask your students to take a picture of their favorite artwork.  If proof                             of attendance is necessary, we are happy to keep a sign-up sheet at the front desk. 

The “Bus in on Us” free bussing grant from Winona Foundation can apply to college field trip! 

Click here to schedule a tour


If you have any questions please call Heather Casper at 507-474-6626.