Great Art Inspired by Water

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm

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The Minnesota Marine Art Museum relies on the support and participation of thousands of individuals and organizations. These supporters are:



Receive free admission to the Museum for 1 full year and other benefits, while helping your art museum thrive. Your membership helps to support the diverse exhibitions and program offerings for all ages and abilities. Higher levels of membership enable MMAM to carry out its vision of being a unique visual art institution dedicated to community engagement and the exhibition, preservation, and interpretation of great art inspired by water.


Organizational Members

Organizational Members are businesses, universities and other organizations who support and align with the MMAM. Benefits include event space and admission tickets, and for greater levels, free admission for employees and exhibition sponsorship.


Meet a MMAM Supporter: Roderick Baker, Winona, MN

What is your favorite artwork or exhibition at the Museum?

The Hudson River School paintings are some of my favorites. They bring back fond memories of studying Thomas Cole and the others in High School.



What do you tell visitors to Winona about the MMAM?

I often carry passes to the Museum with me. When I meet someone new to town or a visitor, I'll ask them if they have been to the MMAM. If they haven't, I'll tell them about the different collections and exhibitions and hand them a pass. They are always thrilled to learn what a gem it is!



Photograph by James A. Bowey

Why do you support the MMAM?

As a former resident of Washington, DC, the Minnesota Marine Art Museum feels like walking into our own piece of the Smithsonian Institution. I choose to support the MMAM, however, for its educational and uplifting mission!