Great Art Inspired by Water

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm

The MMAM Gardens

Stroll Through a Masterpiece




Nestled along the backwaters of the Mississippi River, the MMAM's gardens complement the Museum architecture and beautiful surroundings. Designed in the American Prairie style, its grasses and perennials connect the natural limestone bluffs to the river bottom.


As you enter the Museum grounds, the gardens instantly transport you into a free-spirited environment. Prairie Dropseed grasses along the riverbank wave in the wind emulating the flow of the river's current. Gentle summer breezes make the delicate wild prairie flowers dance. Colors, textures and shapes are woven throughout the gardens creating a beautiful space for a stroll.


Many varieties of birds, bees and butterflies enjoy the four acres of perennials, flowering shrubs and grasses that also sustain them. Every once in a while, you may even catch a glimpse of a red fox or a mother duck with her ducklings.


The gardens change and expand throughout the seasons like the art exhibitions in the Museum itself. You can enjoy a different state of consciousness from the early morning mist to the beautiful hues of color at sunset. Also, with the changing of the seasons, the winter landscape is as ever-changing as spring, summer or fall with its contrast of textures in the winter snow. Visiting the gardens is like walking through a landscape painting, just one way that the MMAM connects audiences with art and nature.