New Works Unveiled at MMAM

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum unveiled four new artworks to be added to its collections, presented at a fundraising event on September 23, 2018. Each piece represents a different style and era, ranging from an 18th century portrait to a contemporary commissioned work, all fitting into the museum's mission to highlight great art inspired by water. 

The showstopper was Marc Chagall's colorful Flower Arrangement Near the Seaside (c. 1959-65), which is on display now in the Stephen and Barbara Slaggie Family Gallery. Two works, Charles Sheeler's 1932 View of Central Park, and a newly commissioned work by Len Tantillo (2018) depicting 17th century Dutch New Amsterdam, will be on display beginning October 2 as part of the exhibition This is New York. Lastly, famed 18th English artist Thomas Gainsborough's portrait of Admiral George Rodney (1782), will be displayed in late 2019. 

Len Tantillo,  East River Waterfront, c. 1662 , 2018. Oil on canvas.

Len Tantillo, East River Waterfront, c. 1662, 2018. Oil on canvas.

Dave Casey