Spring Greetings from Anissa

Greetings fellow MMAM supporters and friends,

Anissa Nelson here. You might have seen me straightening out the gift shop, greeting guests, or vigorously stuffing envelopes at the front desk. I'm the new kid on the block-it was a chilly day day back in February when I was first hired on- but I've never felt out of place, and for that I'd like to thank the staff and volunteers for being so welcoming and genuinely kind. It's special to walk through the doors everyday and think, "Wow! I get to work here!" As if being feet away from an O'Keeffe or Van Gogh all day isn't an experience in itself.

Everyday here is an exercise in profound gratitude; not only as an artist or an art appreciator, but as a person in the company of the high caliber of people involved at the museum. It has truly been an honor meeting everyone, and I am looking forward to meeting those I haven't.


During the past few months, it has become increasingly apparent that MMAM has something special - a special something that is bridging gaps between people, sparking conversations, and bringing a community together; all in the name of art. I can see it in the way children smile and show off their art projects as they leave. It's in the way volunteers come in outside of their shifts, pencils in hand, ready to study and really understand the exhibits. It's the appreciation in visitor's voices when they regale me with stories of their experiences in the galleries, and of course, the surprise in the eyes of the first-time visitor when they realize the scope of artwork we have on display.

Of course, MMAM would not be the MMAM we all know and love without your generous support. Thanks to you, MMAM has become an indispensable resource for the community, and is able to reach farther and dream bigger than it ever has. MMAM is about art, but it is also about the people. With your continued support, MMAM can continue to inspire and enrich the lives of those who visit. I am looking forward to what the futures holds, because from here, it looks bright.

With Love,

Anissa Nelson

Visitor Experience Associate

Anissa Nelson