Keep Cool at MMAM this Summer

Hello from your art museum, where we’re staying cool in the 68 degree temperature of the galleries. Yet another reason to visit MMAM this summer - it’s always nice and cool and you’re surrounded by beauty, what more could you ask for?


Your support as a member, a donor, a program sponsor, a subscriber, a follower, and a visitor help us continue to offer all that we do, yes, including the air conditioning on these hot summer days. We are able to have monthly Toddler Tuesdays, a morning of art-making fun and quality time; a monthly SPARK! program, which provides enriching experiences for adults living with memory loss and their care partners; a quarterly Art-Venture class, where MMAM’s Curator of Education Heather Casper takes kids on an art-seeing and art-making adventure; and even more.

The month of July is very special at MMAM - on July 27, your art museum celebrates our 13th birthday, we’re officially teenagers! While I’ve personally not been here since day 1, it is exciting to think of the great growth MMAM has experienced. The museum grew from 3 galleries to 6, the permanent collections have grown to include the earliest Van Gogh painting in America, a rare John James Audubon oil painting, and the iconic Washington Crossing the Delaware, which prior to Winona, graced the halls of the White House. Museum visitorship has grown over 100% from a 2007 year end attendance of 16,608 to a 2018 year end attendance of 34,776! Membership, sponsorship, visitorship - all of the ships are rising (if you know me, you know I have a mild obsession with nautical puns) thanks to the rising tide of support.

Thank you for your support of your art museum, in every and any form.

Nicole Chamberlain-Dupree