Greetings from New MMAM Board Member Bill Hoel

Hoel, Bill_2011 b.jpg

Greetings! I'm Bill Hoel from La Crosse, and serve on the Minnesota Marine Art Museum's Board and Development and Finance Committees. Full disclosure: I have never been an art aficionado. I retired a couple years ago from my career as a financial advisor, and was privileged to have MMAM and its employees as clients. After taking over the accounts, I began attending museum events. I can't say I am an art expert. But I can say I am a MMAM fan! It is great to be invited to serve the museum as a Board member.

The things I enjoy most are the unveilings of new art works, and learning the incredible histories of many of the paintings, and the sometimes stunning detective work that leads them to MMAM. I also enjoy photography, and have really appreciated many of the photographic exhibitions. 

If there's one thing we all understand about MMAM, it is this: There are not enough people in the immediate area to keep it successful. We need to talk it up; to bring our friends from in and out of town and let them see this absolute jewel on the Mississippi. If you are already doing that, I thank you sincerely. I can tell you MMAM is not spending huge sums of money on advertising. But the visitor numbers continue to grow. That's because we all are doing the job! 

Keep it up!

Bill Hoel

MMAM Board Member

Dave Casey