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A Life Aquatic: Don Frey Retrospective

January 16 - April 26, 2015

A Life Aquatic: Don Frey Retrospective launches the MMAM’s 2015 Underwater Photography Series. For several decades, Frey was the principal photographer and videographer for the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, a global group of archaeologists who study and excavate shipwrecks and submerged cultural sites. A resident of Turkey, Frey has excavated, documented and photographed underwater shipwreck sites every year since 1968. His images appear in books, newspapers, journals and television worldwide including National Geographic and Time magazines. He has documented several ancient shipwrecks including the world’s oldest shipwreck from 1305 BC, and many ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine shipwrecks around the Mediterranean Sea. He brings the history, wonder and beauty of these artifacts to people around the world through his photographs.


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