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Open to Interpretation

Water's Edge

August 14 - October 9, 2015

Open to Interpretation: Water's Edge is the first book in a series produced by St. Paul photographer Clare O’Neill pairing photographs with the written word. For the first time, photographs from this book will be made into a museum exhibition. Open to Interpretation is a project which combines photography with poetry and prose, intersecting the visual and literary arts in wonderful ways. In Clare’s words, “At its most sublime, art can transport us to a time, a place, a feeling or a memory… it becomes a commentary on our lives: past, present, or imagined.” This book began with a call for photographic entries that garnered more than 1,500 photographs. The final selection of images were made by fellow Twin Cities photographer Douglas Beasley. Once the finalists were established, 203 writers then submitted their interpretations of the images. Writer Anastasia Faunce chose two written narratives for each photograph. The result of the collaboration between these accomplished artists is sure to be the beginning of a wonderful legacy.

This exhibition is courtesy of Clare O'Neill and the project's authors and photographers. The book cover photograph is by Marc Ullom.

Exhibition Sponsor: The MMAM Board of Directors