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Surfacing: Rhea Pappas

October 23,2015 - January 10, 2016

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum (MMAM) will end its 2015 exhibition season with two solo exhibitions highlighting the work of emerging artists Rhea Pappas and Samantha French. This ongoing emerging artist series is titled Surfacing, analogous to these artists rising careers, but also literally connected to the work of Pappas and French. A Minneapolis-based fine art and commercial photographer, Pappas captures stunning images of women underwater. These photographs can at one moment be stark, at the next graceful, and at the next abstract, but each is grounded in an artistic vision of capturing moments of freedom – away from societal pressures or expectations. Already an accomplished artist, Rhea’s work is the subject of a Minnesota Original series, produced by Twin Cities Public Television. The full episode can be accessed here.

This exhibition helps launch the MMAM's work with emerging artists, but is also the finale of the Museum's 2015 Underwater Photography Series. Artworks are courtesy of the artist.

Partial Sponsor:

Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation