Julia Crozier,  Morning River Shadow.  Oil on canvas.

Julia Crozier, Morning River Shadow. Oil on canvas.

Tri-State Invitational: 3 Women from 3 States

October 25, 2013 - January 12, 2014

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum is a confluence of historical and contemporary art inspired by water, and works with some of the region's most notable artists in exhibitions and programs.

The grand finale of the MMAM's 2013 Painting Series is also its first Tri-State Invitational. To inaugurate this important event, the Museum has invited three women from the tri-state area to exhibit artworks of varying degrees of abstraction - all heavily inspired by the Upper Mississippi region's waterways. Featured artists include Julia Crozier (MN/WI), Jennifer Terpstra (WI), and Nancy Purington (IA).

This exhibition is courtesy of the artists.


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